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Happy birthday, Harry Potter!

To celebrate Harry Potter’s 34th birthday, I made my own book covers for the whole series. I was inspired by the vintage Penguin Scores collection Jan Tschichold designed. I created patterns using a significant object from each book. I used those in the movies as reference and digitally painted all seven. You can view the whole project here! :)

(It’s already July 31 here in the Philippines. Haha.)

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“ Never forget your dialogue with God, it is your strength. ”

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Have you ever felt your heart miss God?

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Never regret a day in your life.

Never regret a day in your life.

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“ A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When you wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy. The moment you start acting like life is a blessing, I assure you it will start to feel like one. Time spent appreciating is time worth living. ”

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Book, rain & tea……


Book, rain & tea……

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Word on the Water, the London Bookbarge

A boat bookstore.

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